Still Here…

Still no laptop. Luckily it was not damaged during the flood, but was moved to another location which, I believe, has retarded the return date somewhat. Probably for the best, I find this summer has been less knitting, more sun worshipping. Weeding the garden, reading, walking the property with my Edible Plants book in hand, rum by the fire at the end of the day…


I did manage to finish a sweater for our friends’ new baby but won’t post a pic until I can link to the pattern. I’ve also started making honeycombs for the beekeeper’s quilt but, again, won’t post until I can link. 

Until the return of my trusty PC,


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i’m going to have to put this on hold for a bit. My laptop is getting fixed and I find it difficult to post, link, etc on my iPad.  Unfortunately my laptop is getting fixed at a store that as of yesterday was in the thick of the worst flooding here in Calgary so I’m not sure I even have a laptop anymore. Guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks when things start to return to normal and I can give them a call.

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I don’t know how…

…this has been in my possession for so long without my knowledge.


The tag…


This is a raw wool, hand knit sweater from Calgary. While I could go into the emotional damage I suffered at the hands of my mother after she knit cowichan sweaters for all of my siblings while mine still lays dormant and forgotten in the depths of her stash after 25ish years, I can guarantee this was not knitted by her. Let me rewind an hour or two.  I have a hope chest. A beautiful pine chest, that up until tonight I assumed contained a dress or two and maybe a pair of tiny shoes belonging to my eldest. A hope chest that I finally decided how I would finish thanks to the infinite wisdom that is Pinterest. Little did I know it held this beauty, waiting for me to find it when, obviously, I could truly appreciate it.

I also found these.


Sheep slippers. A sign that tomorrow and, maybe, the next week should be dedicated to knitting? I think so.

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Rainy Days


It’s been raining a lot lately; unusual for Calgary but we probably say that this time every year, conveniently forgetting last year and the year before. The lawn is 6″ long with a plethora of dandelions that I can’t scoop out until this lets up. My vegetable garden (pictured above) is drowning and at a bit of a standstill until the sun comes out. 


I know this is a great opportunity to focus on the inside of the house. Laundry, vacuuming and dusting come to mind but I can’t seem to stop staring out the window willing the rain to stop. The twins are a bit stir crazy, throwing couch cushions onto the floor and creating obstacle courses in the living room while I knit on the couch.


I think it’s time to invite some friends over for dinner. That should get me cleaning.


P.S. Pardon the two tone fence; it’s the result of a windstorm late last fall. Waiting on the husband to finish the job.

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What knitting looks like around here…


I rarely get the opportunity to knit without one toddler (usually both) snuggled up as close as they can. Probably why I tend to knit the simple stuff when they are awake. Those are just simple baby legwarmers for a friend’s new little girl. My owl sweater gets some love after the girls are in bed.

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The Knitter

Not that I consider that to be my defining trait in the real word but it is the main reason I’m here.  My mom taught me how to knit as a kid but it never stuck. I tried again, for about a minute, in my early twenties but I couldn’t seem to get the hang of it without my mom standing over my shoulder. 


I’ve always been crafty, I remember cutting up undershirts and sewing snaps to the back to make bras as an eight year old. When I see something I like, my first instinct is to figure out how I could make it rather than to buy it.


I started quilting in my early twenties when my first daughter, Olivia, was three years old. Quilting appealed to me because I love the way they look, so homey and comforting, plus I have an unnatural obsession with blankets.  Seriously, you should see my linen closet. I can’t get rid of a blanket no matter how worn, torn or ugly. I feel the same way about books.


Knitting started as a way to keep my hands busy during the 4 week recovery after a couple of fertility related surgeries about six years ago. Due to a windfall of knitting supplies from my mother-in-law a few years prior, I had everything I needed including a robust supply of acrylic yarn from the seventies. Why don’t we build houses out of that stuff? It looked as new as the day it was born in a chemical vat! I printed instructions off of the Internet, cast on in a medically induced stupor and have never looked back. It just clicked. Since then I have discovered the pleasures of natural fibre and you couldn’t pay me to knit with anything else. My husband rues the day because our bank account has suffered the consequences ever since.


As a quilter, and truly in general, I am very systematic. I start a quilt and while they can sit for a week or two untouched, I will never leave them for long and I would NEVER start another quilt until I’ve finished the first. That’s made for some feverish late night sewing sprees so I can finish whatever it is I’m working on in order to start a baby quilt for a new arrival. Not so when it comes to knitting. I easily have at least ten WIPs, some as old as 5 years. There are projects I worked on intensely only to put them down and never pick up again. Others that I will knit a couple of rows per year. I do know that I will, eventually, finish them all.


Now, I knit almost every day, even if it’s standing at the kitchen counter while the twins eat their lunch. I knit to occupy myself, to stay sane and mostly to be able to say (to myself) “I made that”.

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You can call me Moky. I don’t know if this is really my thing but I read a lot of blogs and think I want to be an active part of the community. I’m a stay at home mom of three girls, ages 11, 3 and 3 (yes, twins). Let’s give this a whirl!

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